Sermon Notes










1.7.18 – “Favor from the Flood” – Genesis 8:1,4

We Must Learn to:




1.14.18 – “There is a Penalty for Following the Foolish – Use Wisdom!” – Matthew 25:1-12

We Must:

-Carry Oil

-Connect with other oil carriers

-(know we) Can’t Risk Oil

1.28.18 – “We Made It” – Psalm 124

We Must Understand the:

-Signal you survived everything in the past

-Statement of Sustainability of everything you’re currently facing

-Security of everything you will face in the future

2.4.18 – “Signing Day” – Luke 11:24

We Must Be:

-Environmentally Conducive

-Noticeably Vacant

-Historically Available

2.11.18 – “Teach Me to Love” – 1 John 4:7-12

We Must Understand:

-Love must be Revealed

-Love must be Received

-Love must be Replicated

2.18.18 – Bishop Stephen B. Hall (8am and 11am)


-Rev. Grover Brown (8am)

-Elder Deb Wills (11am) – “I Made it Anyhow!” – 2 Corinthians 4:5-18

3.4.18 – “How Soon do We Forget?” – Matthew 18:23-27

We Must Understand the:

-Price of the Debt

-Penalty of the Default

-Payment forgiven by the Divine

3.11.18 – “Thank God for the Pit Stop!” – Genesis 37:23-24

We Must Understand:

-The Pit was permitted

-The Pit was not Permanent

-The Pit was part of the plan or the promise

3.18.18 – “Be Careful How You Handle the Fallen” – Galatians 6:1

We Must Be:

-Spiritual enough to be awakened

-Sensitive enough to care

-Self-conscious enough to be aware

3.25.18 – “Words from the Cross”

Luke 23:34, 43, 46

John 19:26-28, 30

Matthew 27:46

Mark 15:34

4.1.18 – “Leave them in Shock!” – Mark 16:3-11

We Must See (the):

-Stone that was meant to seal the Savior removed

-Sitting Angel Speaking

-Seeing for themselves

4.8.18 – “The Cost of THIS Oil!” – St. Luke 7:36-50

-Elder Deb Wills 8am


“The Value of the Valley” – Psalm 23:4-5

-Pastor Larry Watson, Jr., Englewood Baptist Church – 8am

“It Shall Come to Pass” – Mark 11:24-25

-Minister Hosea Jones, FMBC – 11am


“I’m Not Leaving Here the Way I Came” – Mark 10:36-42 – 8am

“Excuse Me, I’m Next In Line” – Mark 5:34 – 11am

Pastor Ronald Jennings, Elim Christian Fellowship, Snellville, GA

4.29.18 – “Don’t Take Life for Granted!” – Luke 16:19-31

We Must Understand, He:

-Recognized death is an unanticipated certainty

-Realized mercy is a necessity in life

-Repented and reached out to others